Mar. 12th, 2014

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If you know of a fandom that should be considered a megafandom (over 20,000 fics) but isn't on the list, please reply in a comment below along with a link to an archive/comm/etc. This is so a) we have digital evidence of a fandom's "mega" status instead of relying solely on word of mouth, b) it gives fans who weren't aware of where to find those fics an opportunity to find a new treasure trove, c) your mods aren't aware of every part of fandom and they will miss things that may be obvious to someone else in their corner of the net, so help is appreciated.

The megafandom list can be found either on LJ or on DW.

This list will be updated until April 1st when we lock it for the duration of the upcoming round, and will open it again for updates once the round is over.

There's a fandoms promotion post (on LJ | on DW) where you can promote your fandom and find out what people are requesting/offering.

New changes have been posted on the admin comm.

Nominations begin April 5 to April 15. We hope to see you there!


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