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Nominations are open until April 15th. Nomination form.

You're able to nominate up to 7 fandoms and for each fandom, up to 6 characters. The fandoms must be medium sized fandoms (unless it's an RPF fandom or movie fandom which means it can also be a potential Yuletide fandom as well) and you can check eligibility rules here. Please nominate fandoms that you are intending to request or offer.

You must have an AO3 account to use the nomination form. If you need an invitation, please contact us at

You can see the nominations tag set here to see what has been approved.

Note: Fandoms will be the first things approved. Character approvals will be much slower. Approved fandoms and characters will be visible during nominations.
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If you know of a fandom that should be considered a megafandom (over 20,000 fics) but isn't on the list, please reply in a comment below along with a link to an archive/comm/etc. This is so a) we have digital evidence of a fandom's "mega" status instead of relying solely on word of mouth, b) it gives fans who weren't aware of where to find those fics an opportunity to find a new treasure trove, c) your mods aren't aware of every part of fandom and they will miss things that may be obvious to someone else in their corner of the net, so help is appreciated.

The megafandom list can be found either on LJ or on DW.

This list will be updated until April 1st when we lock it for the duration of the upcoming round, and will open it again for updates once the round is over.

There's a fandoms promotion post (on LJ | on DW) where you can promote your fandom and find out what people are requesting/offering.

New changes have been posted on the admin comm.

Nominations begin April 5 to April 15. We hope to see you there!
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The 2014 schedule for Not Prime Time is as follows:

April 5 to 15 - Nominations
April 15 to 18 - Corrections
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 9 - Main collection goes live
July 12 - Madness collection goes live
July 16 - Author reveals

We hope to see you there!
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Not Prime Time 2013 and Prime Time Madness 2013 are officially over and authors have been revealed.

Throughout the hiatus, we'll promote works that were posted during this round on our tumblr account.
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Nominations are a few months away (April 5 to April 12) which means there's still time for people to write stories for Hiatus Resolution.

From the FAQ:
Just like Yuletide has New Year’s Resolution, Not Prime Time has Hiatus Resolution. Once author reveals are over, a new collection will be available for anyone who wants to fill one of prompts from the prompt list. You didn't have to participate in the latest Not Prime Time exchange to fulfill a prompt.

Just like with Not Prime Time, having a story that matches the fandom and characters of a request and meets the minimum 1000 word limit is all we require.

You can upload your story in the Hiatus Resolution 2012 collection. Prompts can be found on googledocs.
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We at Not Prime Time hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and if you participated in Yuletide, a wonderful Yuletide as well. Our next round will start in the beginning of April with nominations (schedule is posted on the profile page). Don't forget to follow our npt_admin comm on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth or our tumblr for announcements.

Have a happy new year!
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Kaleidoscope nominations are open. Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms.

If there's an upcoming medium sized or rare fandom exchange/challenge you'd like to promote, you may post it within our [community profile] not_primetime comms and use 'alt challenge link' to tag it. We love to see fandoms flourish and, especially with rare fandoms, we'd loved to see them grow into medium sized fandoms and become eligible for Not Prime Time.
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There's only a couple of days left before signups close on the 8th (11:59 pm Pacific time). Here is the signup form.

If you want to take a look at what has been requested/offered so far, here is the signup summary.

We have plenty of AO3 invites if you or someone you know needs one to signup (or even participate as a reader).
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Nominations are open.

If you'd like, you may post the fandoms and characters you've nominated in this post.

On LJ | On DW
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In the next few days on April 1st, Not Prime Time will be locking the megafandom list in time for nominations on April 19th to the 26th. If you don't have an AO3 account, contact us within the comments for an invitation (nominations along with participation require an AO3 account). The megafandoms list will reopen for updates after the exchange is over for this round.

If you haven't already done so yet, don't forget to subscribe to npt_admin / npt_admin for important mod information.
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To those who are participating in Yuletide, we would like to wish you good luck with your recently received assignments!

Not Prime Time will be kicking off with nominations in mid to late April, sign ups in the beginning of May, and the AO3 collection going live at the end of June. We are a medium sized fandom exchange in the style of Yuletide.

What constitutes a medium sized fandom?

Our guidelines for a medium sized fandom is a) a fandom that isn't listed on the recent Yuletide nomination list (or Signup Summary) and b) isn't a fandom with over 20,000 fics available (a megafandom list will be posted later in the future). Anything else is a judgement call between the moderators. Because the recent Yuletide had a shorter nomination list than usual, if a fandom has less than 50 stories on AO3 without other evidence to back it up otherwise, you can probably consider it too rare for our exchange.

RPF is allowed within Not Prime Time and is the only exception to the requirement of "a fandom that isn’t listed on the current Yuletide nominations list" though we ask that participants keep to the spirit of the exchange and do not nominate/request very rare RPF. It is still held to the megafandoms requirement, however.

*We are aware that not so rare fandoms do slip through the cracks and are eligible for Yuletide, especially anime/manga/video game fandoms. If you’d like to nominate one of those fandoms for Not Prime Time, nominate it and it can be discussed during Corrections. We are also aware that a fandom may have outgrown Yuletide since it was nominated in that exchange. Nominate it and it can be rectified during Corrections.

Don't forget to subscribe to npt_admin / npt_admin for important mod information. We also have not_primetime / not_primetime.

More information will be posted after Yuletide (as both your mods are participating). If you have any questions, ask below.
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